Aquarium rental and maintenance

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We own and maintain all of the equipment, including the fish. 

You just rent from us, we do all the work.

We cover all equipment and fish, 100% guaranteed.

We  provide all maintenance and all food. 

YOU sit back and enjoy the stunning, living environment.

We also do “maintenance only” on aquariums, if you already have one.

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We do the work you enjoy the result!


  • The fish have given us great pleasure and Justin always provides great service – very happy to do business with you!
    Many thanks indeed,

  • “Having a fish tank in our Dental Surgery is such a joy, so many of our patients love watching the fish in their beautiful environment. We have the pleasure of feeding them once a day, & that’s all we have to do!”

    Lesley Reception
  • “Having the fish tank in our office reception brightens up the office and is a fantastic focal point. It is of great interest to the children who come in and out of the office on a daily basis. Our visitors take great pleasure in watching the fish while they are waiting and often comment how lovely it is.”

    Claire and Nat
  • “The guys at Atlantis Industries are not only knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful in terms of expertly maintaining our beautiful reception area fish and fish tank, they always visit us with a smile.
    Our expectations are always being exceeded and our team always look forward to the regular maintenance visit from the guys”.