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“They are very cool and stress relieving and always pleased to see me” 

Anna, Doctor


“The fish haven’t died, need I say more!!!!!” 

Marie, Practice Midwife


“The Atlantis Industries tank in our waiting room is really stylish and keeps the children occupied when our Doctor is running late” 

Jane, Practice Manager


“Having a fish tank in our office reception brightens up the office and is a fantastic focal point.  It is of great interest to the children who come in and out of the office on a daily basis.  Our visitors take great pleasure in watching the fish while they are waiting and often comment how lovely it is.”


Claire and Nat


“The guys at Atlantis Industries are not only knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful in terms of expertly maintaining our beautiful reception area fish and fish tank, they always visit us with a smile.
Our expectations are always being exceeded and our team always look forward to the regular maintenance visit from the guys”.


I would just like to say a HUGE Thankyou to everyone at Atlantis Industries (especially Julian, Michelle and Stewart) for providing such a wonderful experience with my beautiful fish tank. It seemed too good to be true that I could have a no-initial-outlay custom made tank in my home with the added benefit of a full service every three weeks, all included in a very reasonable monthly cost. All I had to do was feed my fish (with the individually measured and dated food pots provided by the company). And since the fish were conditioned not to be fed over weekends it was ideal for me should I have needed to go away. This is the perfect option for those who love the aesthetics of a beautiful aquarium without requiring too many skills in fish husbandry!


“Having all those beautiful fish without having to do any maintenance is great.  The staff fight over who gets in first to feed them” 
Lisa, Receptionist 


“We got the tank to keep the children in the waiting room occupied, however it looks so good and is so calming we all love it”  
Jason, Practice Manager


It has been an absolute delight having your tank and fish (and staff from set up through to monthly clean), in our home over the last nine months.  I definitely will be seeking out your services next time we are back in Perth. You are a pleasure to do business with.

Many thanks, Kind Regards



“A fish tank in our Dental Surgery is such a joy, so many of our patients love watching the fish in their beautiful environment. We have the pleasure of feeding them once a day, & that’s all we have to do!”
Lesley Reception 

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